Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Beauty of Accepting Change

I always think that change is something to be dreaded.  Am I going to survive in a new place I had never known? Questions like this are haunting me, as I imagine how change will affect my life.  As I look back eleven years ago. I never knew I will be able to make a leap of faith. A leap that will forever change my life. 

Now, with all the treasured experiences I was able to accumulate. Change has taught me that I don't need to fear anything. Instead, embrace every opportunity that change is offering me. I finally realize that there is beauty behind every change. The beauty in it lies when I finally started accepting change for what it is.

Surprises are always in the air as I finally embraces the beauty of change. I am always amaze on all the wonderful experiences I was able to face. Maybe because I don't fear change anymore, instead... I look forward to accepting changes in my life for what it is.