Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Way to Deal with Ignorant Personalities

Sometimes I ponder... How does a person handle an ignorant personality graciously???

I've been blessed enough to be able to experience a life where people of different races and colors surrounds me.  I'm always impressed at myself for being able to react positively towards an ignorant personality. "I just don't want any argument to escalate."

People will always have their own opinion on something, and I do respect that.  Everyone are entitled to their own opinion, but one must realize... that, not all opinions are valid enough to be considered an intelligent one. 

As our generations evolve, our experiences teaches us something more important than any theories in books. But, some books are meant to be written and be read. These books opens our mind to a new way of thinking. Such books usually talk to the heart and teaches our ego to be quiet.

One book I do recommend for everyone to read is "The Four Agreements" by: Don Miguel Ruiz. This book help me release most of the emotional baggage that ignorant comments brought into my life.

I do agree that if one doesn't know their own emotional limitations... Emotional trauma will slowly  lurks in. Such trauma leads one to bluntly comment on something out of ignorance as well.

I don't hate those kind of personality, I admit it... we've all been blurting ignorant comments just to hide our own insecurities.

After being introduced to Don Miguel Ruiz's writings by a friend. I was able to learn how to deal and positively react to an ignorant comments. These teaching has been my guidance and shield for quite a while now.

"The Four Agreements that Don Miguel Ruiz's mentioned in his book are :" 

                Be Impeccable with your word
                Don't take anything personally
                Don't make assumptions
                Always do your best

As I experience every now and then these ignorant personalities, I'm thankful that there are people who unselfishly extend their knowledge. Knowledge and guidance in helping individual heal and rise to the challenges that we are meant to deal with.

My choice is... instilling the four agreements into my heart and hopefully share these precious teachings to all my love ones by writing about it. And, that's my way of dealing with ignorant personalities.

So... Happy reading everyone! Leave a comment if you like.  :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A life of seclusion

The choice lies within how committed one is, in embracing a life of seclusion.  I guess, it's not how well a person can live a life of seclusion. But, how well one can adapt in the life of being secluded.

This statement has been lingering in my thoughts for a while now.  For the last four weeks, since being able to experience a more secluded life, I realize that this kind of life was meant for me. Maybe because, I never really enjoyed crowd so much.

 I finally feel so at home, I love the atmosphere and the joy this new environment brings to my whole being. The unending activities I was able to experience brought me to a new sense of understanding.

My emotions heightened as I listened to the humming of the birds, while they try to capture my undisturbed appreciation.  The soothing sound of rooster crowing at an early dawn, reminding me of a new day waiting to be explored. Although, this is just minor observations I have been fortunate enough to be able to share... I do enjoy writing about it.

Writing such a wonderful experience is my goal in this blog, I guess to finally remind me of how this secluded life is so different. A life where busy street in nowhere to be found, but only, the raw music that nature proposes for us to acknowledge... to help us reconnect to nature and appreciate once again... how nature intend for us to live.

Now, with all of these observations... I guess...  being in a secluded life is not that bad at all!

Happy reading everyone!!! 

"Give yourself a chance to experience life in your own terms. :)"