Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Journey to Understanding My Sense of Being (Thoughts of Reason)

I always thought that we are who we think we are... The word who we THINK we are, struck me when I come across a video in you tube.  At that moment everything inside me started changing. The way I feel about my thoughts, how I interpret emotions, and the most important realization is... how I identify my self.

The journey didn't stop in just watching one episode, I was hooked, every time one episode ends I was longing for another episode to watch. But, I had to stop myself, as the mind dictates... I have to internalize what just had happened to me while watching  the video. 

At first, my mind try to reason out, always reminding me this and that. Thoughts that's been condition and was imbedded inside of me. I consider it as myself, not just a part of me, but who I am. Then this video just hit me, opening something inside of me that was hidden. That I thought had awakened.

Although this journey is not done, every day spent wondering this thoughts of reason just had to subside... I have to let it just happen, embrace WHAT IS... that my reason of thoughts could not comprehend. Let IT flow within me and stop analyzing every change that it brought into my whole being. 

Sending peace and love to the universe...
 Happy reading everyone!