Friday, August 17, 2012

A way to get Free Samples!

What to do when you finally get bored playing games in facebook? Well, for me, I started researching on different sites that offer money to take surveys.  So off I go, busy looking at different website that offers free samples just by completing a simple survey.
So far I'm in the process of exploring different sites that offers what I'm looking for. I've encountered promising ones, but the one that catches my eyes is the  They have a very neat and easy to understand lay-out. 

A very friendly format compare to other site that offers the same program. The survey process is straight forward.  Does not link you to another site that ask information most of us consumers are not willing to handover that easily.
Anyway, to make the story short I sign up and are now completing surveys whenever I get a chance. Waiting for my bzzscore to go up, to finally be eligible to receive a bzz campaign. So, if your like me, who wants to get freebies while surfing the net, check out  Maybe you'll enjoy answering surveys too. 

Enjoy web surfing and don't forget do only things that you feel comfortable doing.
Happy reading everyone!