Saturday, September 26, 2015

Be Not Intimidated By My Honesty

Be not be intimidated by my honesty,
For I try to always be honest with myself.
You may not understand my reason of honesty,
But bear in mind I prefer to be honest within myself.

I know at some point you always think I am mean,
That you think I don't care about what you feel,
In reality I do really care, but that won't stop me from being fair,
To those who had been there for me, before you come in.

So let us both be happy for the outcome of our friendship,
For I treasured knowing you and will always be grateful everyday,
Because your friendship had brought so much integrity and love.
Shining light to a conditioned outcome of a contracted love.

Namaste! Understanding my journey in the vastness of this universe... Sending peace and love to humanity and the universe.

My Wandering Thoughts

Just like a favorite song your stuck in my thoughts.
Replaying a refrain of only good thoughts,
That keeps on reminding me to just let it be,
And accept everything for what it cost.

At some point I try to reason out and understand
The presence you made when you enter my peaceful life,
Or so I thought I have a perfect and peaceful life,
But your truth brought a sparkle I can never deny.

Yes I admit, I long for you like my personal guiding star
That keep me grounded and be more of who I truly am
Inspiring others to also be who they truly are,
For in this way I feel as though we're still connected as one.

Namaste! Shining a Devine light to my own journey... Sending peace and love to humanity and the universe.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Your Cunning Smile

I smile every time I remember you.
Coz, in my world you are the star.
My leading man in my own personal movie.

It lightens my heart, remembering our scenes.
The part where your actions just harmonizes mine.
Just like a dance that only you and I can dance.

Until now, even if we're distance apart,
I can still remember how you can make me laugh,
That cunning smile, that make me wonder, "why am I attracted to you?"

This kind of attraction makes me wonder why?
I feel connected to you, which I try to deny
But in the end I had to abide, for the longing to subside.

Namaste! Understanding my own journey... Sending peace and love to humanity and the universe.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Fall in and out of love with you

I fall in and out of love with you.
For the reason I don't know,
Sometimes I like you and sometimes I don't.

I fall in and out of love with you.
Just because of the you that I know,
The strong willed you that make me so blue.

I fall in and out of love with you.
Because you made me so madly in love with you,
You know it is true but yet you act like you don't know.

Namaste! Bringing light to my own journey. "Sending love and peace to the universe and humanity."

Personality Check ( A Career Path Choice)

A long journey to finding my own passion
A career choice based on a personality
That until now I'm still trying to analyze and understand.

It was a lot easier when you let someone decide
Being able to just listen and do what others tells you to
But yet, for the last few years I had been woken up.

I struggle to understand this process
Find it hard to stand by my own two feet to decide
Realizing that here I am being awaken with no one to guide.

Although I was thankful for the person who woke me up
I feel as though I was a little bit betrayed
For I was left again with no one who can truly guide.

Questions that leave me helpless and lost
Figuring out for myself the many why's and how's of the process
While keeping the courage to stand on the ground.

Personality check is what I need
To choose a career path that suites the need
Not just for myself but also those that surrounds me.

Namaste! Shining light to my personal journey.  "Sending peace and love to the universe and humanity."

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Positive Choice....( A Completed Puzzle)

Positive choice...
I guess... Will always brings peace in your heart.
The one that make you say "My choice is meant to be after all."

Positive choice...
When done with an open heart, will bring magic of some sort.
Just like a jigsaw puzzle, you'll start to recognize the correct pieces
That makes it a lot easier for you to complete your own puzzle.

Positive choice....
Will just melt your heart into harmony, with everyone around you
Leaving no resistance, for you finally come in terms with the emotion
That made you say yes I did it, I know I made the right positive decision.

Namaste! Shining light to my own journey. Sending peace and love to the universe and humanity!

Monday, August 17, 2015

I'm Always Grateful

I'm always grateful,
For all the wonderful loving individuals I meet along my journey.
And those unexpected situations and events that bring me tons of blessings.

I'm always grateful,
For every stages of my life, from infant to present, that served as my guide
Realizing that, hardships and struggles in life, is nothing but my own personal road map.

I'm always grateful,
For achieving what I perceived is success, that acquiring more is a selfish act
For I know that I had been given way more than what I deserve.

So, to everyone who happen to cross my path and have witnessed my journey.
Your presence have been an integral part of my being, and with this I ask
PLEASE accept my deepest gratitude and allow me to say THANK YOU.

Namaste! Sending peace and love to the universe and humanity... While shining light to my own journey.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Acceptance of Love

A good communication is always the best.
Being able to talk to someone without feeling any of the emotional pain.
Reminisce all the memories and be able to accept the lesson it brings.
The kind of thing where you can laugh and say wow that was not my intent.

At times during the conversation you feel the negative friction
But keep the positive focus and shine the light on such conversation.
Analyzing every interaction with unconditional love and devotion.
To be free from negative manipulation of the ego who scream and shout in distitution.

Yes finally we agreed, that I see your pain and you see my pain.
Untangled by talking and understanding our hidden conditioning scream.
Letting go of emotional bound behind the conditioning of blaming game.
And start a new journey of our love as husband and wife turned into a friend.

I love the new you, more so than the old you.
Because I finally knew the conditioning character that both of us thought was you.
So let me love you for the real you, and continue the healing process both of us have to go through.
For all of this is a must, for us to come in full circle of our love.

I love you honey!

Namaste! Shining light to my journey... Sending peace and love to the universe and humanity.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Unconscious Responsibility To Carry

A responsibility to carry,
When agreed to unconsciously brings so much pain.
Pain in a way that loose the sound of your own voice,
That let the voice of others serve as your own.

An unconscious responsibility to carry,
When all you do is give pleasure to those who you agreed to.
Sacrificing the voice within you so as not to give hurt and pain
To those who will be affected when you decided to let your own voice be heard.

A responsibility to carry,
Realizing that pain be gets pain, and facing them will bring havoc.
So you continue to carry those unconscious responsibility
Hoping and waiting maybe someday conscious awakening will then happen.

Namaste! Bringing light to my own journey... Sending peace and love to the universe and humanity.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Understanding one aspect of my journey (interactions with people)

When I was young, I didn't understand a lot of things.
So I rely on the judgement of elders to guide my every actions.
In my innocent mind I admire them, for knowing so much.
I look at myself and tell my inner child that someday I too will know so much.

But then as I grow older, the thought of admiring is slowly vanishing.
Because then I realize that they don't know that much.
Instead what they have is that they just acquire knowledge.
Never really knowing the why behind that knowledge.

So, I stopped admiring them, instead I tried to understand them.
In my surprise anybody could acquire knowledge, act  on them, without real intention.
I was so disheartened, in my fragile mind, I expect them to be what they say and do.
But yet, I still try to understand them, thinking maybe there is something I'm missing to understand.

So my journey begins, I don't see them for their actions anymore.
I try to see them as the why for their actions, that soothes my heart I was able to move on.
I was able to understand that as a human we have to behave in a way opposite to what we feel.
In my case, I want to behave the way I feel, but I always get into trouble.

So another journey, minimize interacting with people, maybe then I won't get hurt often.
With that, I started seeing only the best in people, realizing that the less interaction I have with them
The better for me to understand the why of their actions and be fully present to know them.
The real person behind each facade they have learned to put forward to the outside world.

Namaste! Bringing light to my journey is my inspiration... Sending love and peace to the universe and humanity.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I Am Me

I am me
I analyze, feel, and connect
Like me, hate me, but this is me

I am me
I love to understand deeper
But most of all I love to love unconditionally

I am me
I stay inside my bubble
But when I get out you see and feel the best of me

I am me
I recognize, acknowledge, and portray
A weak and strong personality within me

For I know deep inside
We all need to embrace every experiences bad or good
To come out refresh, shining, and burning with positive fire again

Namaste! Sending love and peace to the universe and humanity.

I Love The New Me

I love the new me
The inspired artist writer that lies within me 
Who love to get lost in an unprecedented thoughts
That breaks the silence that controls emotions.

I love the new me
The inspired individual within me
Who enjoyed exploring my own thoughts
To bring satisfaction to the expanded memories

I love the new me
Who decided to be free
Free from any expectation laid against me
For I am me and I needed to be free.

Namaste! Sending love and peace to the universe and humanity.

Thank you for the Experiences You brought into My Life

Thank you for the experience you brought into my life
I see the beauty of the teachings it taught me
Every event leaves an everlasting mark
Making my whole existence one less of a dream.

Thank you for the experience you brought into my life
I started to see me and the unique beauty that I am
Conquering every self doubt that is hovering around
Replaced by a thought of what will I loose if I try.

Thank you for the experience you brought into my life
The unappreciated mask is starting to subside
Declaring that I am what I am
A forget-me-not flower whose trying to survive.

Namaste! Sending peace and love to the universe and humanity.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Let me love you in my dreams

Let me love you in my dreams
For I know that it will be a perfect dream
A perfect place for us to be free
Free to build an enchanting world to dream our dream.

Let me love you in my dreams
Where we can't feel the hurt or pain
Just feel the love that we can bring
And surrender to all this binding flame.

Let me love you in my dreams
And forget about the time and space in between
Where physical hindrances is so keen
To keep us distance from our dream.

Namaste! Sending healing, peace, and love to the universe and humanity.  

You Are The Compass To My Journey

You are the compass to my journey.
Your guiding hand lead me into my own path of bliss.
Your eyes seemed to see beyond my physical world. 
Bringing a treacle in a world full of bitterness.

You bring light into my path.
Making me see beyond the goodness that I have.
Leading me into a place of understanding and love.
That made me cherish experiences that once had scorned me apart.

Your wisdom has led me to shine.
Giving spark to the divine being that I am.
Opening a glow of light where ever I may be.
Pouring happiness to all that surrounds me.

Namaste! Sending Love and Peace to the Universe and Humanity.

Welcome to My World, of fantasy and dreams

Welcome to my world, of fantasy and dreams.
The world I created that only few had seen
It always bring me peace once I let you in.
Especially when you portray a role you perfectly blend in.

Welcome to my world, of fantasy and dreams.
Where I am Lana and you are my Clark Kent.
Together we build a beautiful world, full of love and dreams
Working side by side to give lovingly service that cannot be seen.

Welcome to my world, of fantasy and dreams.
That makes me give the kindness that people want and only dreamed.
Because in my world, I only see their beauty and the love they yearningly seek.
That made me provide understanding and help bring about positive change.

Namaste! Sending Love and Peace to the Universe and Humanity.

Friday, August 7, 2015

I Love Thinking About You

I love thinking about you.
It give me a sense of inspiration, every time you cross my mind.
It makes me smile just remembering your laugh.

I love remembering how positively you come across to me.
The thought of how you see the strength in my character.
Pushing me to be more active in acknowledging those strength.

I love how you made me feel.
It give me a sense of accomplishment.
Even if to the eyes of others I just made a big mess.

Most of all, I love thinking about you
Because you make me feel safe to be me
Letting me see that I am more than what I can be.

Namaste! Sending peace and love to the universe and humanity.


Thursday, August 6, 2015

I was content in knowing you

I was content in knowing...
You see me even if I haven't told you I see you too.

I was content in knowing...
I have your back to support me, while we both experience unspoken connectedness.

I was content in knowing...
I was able to support you in a way I know how, although we both know you needed the support I cannot give.

I was content in knowing...
I can see you through a window full of walls that bind your space between mine.

I was content in knowing...
I have to distance myself from you to lessen the pain we are giving to those who made a difference in our life.

I was content in knowing...
That with you, I have come in full circles understanding the magic of my existence.

Namaste! Sending my love to the universe and humanity.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I Admire You

I admire you... Because...
You have the capacity to see a hurtful situation beyond the hurt it brings. 

I admire you... Because...
Even if your hurting inside, you still manage to see the light behind the dark clouds.

I admire you... Because...
You always have the heart to make the feelings of others a priority before yours.

I admire you... Because...
You try to understand a situation, judging the outcome using your heart instead of listening to your ego.

I admire you... Because...
When you love, you love with all your heart it doesn't matter if it has been responded to or not.

I admire you... Because...
I know that the way you give love reflects the way I also give love.

I admire you the most for understanding the real me when nobody else can.

Namaste! Sending peace and love to the universe and humanity.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Angels Works in a Mysterious Way

People in our life come and go, some of them come as an angel, opening doors that lead us to be aligned to the purpose of why we are brought into this world.

The opportunity of meeting them sometimes comes as a surprise, the unexpected turn of events when they made that difference seemed so unreal, if one is not tuned into ones own intuition, their presence brings havoc.

At some point, one may come into conclusion that this person is their soulmate, but in reality, the purpose they come across your path is to consciously brings awareness of love within oneself.

I have been fortunate enough to encounter one, my sense of connection with all the people I care about changes, letting me see the unconscious enabling I had been providing towards the people I care and love deeply.

Although it seems like I want their presence all the time, I realize that the time spent with them is a blessing enough.

So to you my angel, thank you for coming into my life, I will always love you for bringing awareness to the real meaning of love, and I will always treasure the time we spent being together.

Namaste everyone!  Sending peace and love to the universe!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Little quirks in life

I admit it, I try to internalize my feelings first before I open up to anyone, knowing for sure I get my point across without being misunderstood.  But lately, I tend to just say anything that comes to mind, because of frustration... I guess.

Now, a question comes in mind. "How can I get my husband to understand my point of view?"... Bear in mind that we are talking about women's vs men's own interpretation in answering a question.

I have read Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus by John Gray.  It teaches me a lot when it comes to dealing with understanding how men interpret a question being asked. But yet, I'm still dumbfounded every time I had to deal with his little quirks.

At times I tell myself, enough is enough, this guy needs a reality check. But that's it, I'm only limited to my own words, I need to know how to do it in action. Better yet, stand on my ground by way of action.

At the end of the day, I'm also dumbfounded at myself, for always seeing the best side of everything even if at times he is crossing my boundaries.  What else can I say, I'm not the ABCD type option of a person. I stick like a super glue when it comes to the aspect of my personal life's important decision making... So help me GOD.

"Just a little side of me, behind the scene of my daily existence. Sending peace and love to the universe while understanding my journey."

Namaste Everyone!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Closed Door with a Broken Key

You opened the door long have been shut, forgotten and tucked away.
Found the broken key I purposely threw and walked away.
With the touch of your hand you returned it to me with a tear.
A moment of sadness I never thought I once again would be able to feel.

I know you will never understand exactly what had just transpire.
That moment you blindly opened the door, I had forgotten for in a while.
Handing me the broken key and fixing it with your uncanny smile.
Leaving me helpless, rekindling the familiar feeling hidden for a long time.

It pains me to realize I could not once again comply, with that familiar feeling
behind the door you unknowingly opened, and just left behind.
Once more I have to throw away the found key, closed the door you have
blindly opened with unconscious gesture you unwittingly provide.

I look back to stare at the closed door I once had forgotten in a while.
Learn to admire that painful feeling inside a hidden door I left behind.
Now I can move forward with a light heart and a peaceful smile.
Because you inadvertently provide a blissful feeling that made this all worthwhile.

Thank you my friend!