Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cheers to the New Changes in Thoughts!

Well, the first thing to do when you finally rid yourself of worries is to celebrate.  A celebration that not just free-up the mind, but also the soul that bind one into slavery.  As we all know, we are all slaves within our own thoughts. We've been so programed, that we often forget we all have the capacity to do greater than what is expected of us. But the real truth is... it's not somebody or anyone who is trying to put us down... "But our Own." Yes, you heard me right... It is our own expectations  that do two major things in our life... Those thoughts that can enlightened us, or those thoughts that can cripple the light that is meant to shine thru us.

The new beginning of life teaches me more significant virtues than what I have ever hoped for.  Experiences that help me see the importance of examining my own thoughts towards myself. Gone are the days that I would live a life where, I won't do something just because somebody may think it is wrong. Now are the days where, I would say to myself, "You know what... "You deserve better than this, so go for it." It doesn't matter who may object, but I know deep in my heart it would give me peace and acceptance to the new life changes I will be facing.

So lets all give the best to ourselves and enjoy life the way you think it has to be enjoyed.  No one else know it better than you do. So start expecting less of yourself and start loving yourself the way you wanted to be loved.

Sending peace and love to everybody in the universe.

Happy reading Everyone!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ZeekRewards - The Rewards Program of a Lifetime!

ZeekRewards - The Rewards Program of a Lifetime!

A Mood Swing Alert!

How can one keep a harmonious atmosphere when mood swing gets in the way??? A question that popped in my head, just because that's how I feel... "A MOOD SWING ALERT!!! "

I respect the people that surrounds me, for who they are, and what they perceived about me. Anyway, they have their own way of showing there biases as I have mine.

Although... my way of coping with dramas and all those nonsense pouring of emotions is to RETREAT MYSELF, those who do not know me personally, usually take offense.

I have been very naive when it comes to racism... Now I realized, that people tend to show how racist they can be, just to let go of some build-up frustration. It's ok! I realize we do have our own way of dealing with frustrations.

I know that our actions towards others mirrors who we really are, and at this point I try to refrain myself from judging people... Just like me they are in the process of evolving too. I do believe we are all divine in every sense of the word. Some may put label on who they think one is, but that's on them... They are the one who will carry that thought.

As far as I'm concern... Right Now.... I feel sorry for those who think ill about me... Judging me because of my race, and resorting to intimidation just to frustrate me. The only thing I can do is... FOR MYSELF!... I need to reflect and use this moment to PONDER on what I want in life. "TO BE FREE or TO BE BOSSED AROUND."

"Explore and Learn...  Take only wisdom that help you evolve to your higher self."

Enjoy Reading!!!