Thursday, September 20, 2012

Learning How to Cook!!!

Ok, I'm not a big fan of cooking, but since living here in Hawaii "Big Island" in particular, going to restaurant is getting a bit expensive (taking into account the gas, time, and most especially the taste of food you're getting). So, to satisfy both mine and my husbands taste buds... I have to learn how to cook!

For real, my first thought was... Well it's not gonna be that hard, all I have to do is browse the internet, find some nice and tasty recipes, then follow them. But for some reason, I'm one of those visual learner type, so you tube comes in handy. Again and again my favorite learning school is YOU TUBE.  Of course, I consider it my favorite because it's free and a lot of you tube up-loaders are very nice and helpful enough to share their talents.

So anyway, I've learned cooking stir fry kind of type... At first, everything was great, hubby and I did enjoy the stir fry meal I prepare almost every night. But then, boredom of eating the same thing over and over again is kicking in. I need to prepare other stuff!!!

So tomorrow the quest for cooking other stuff begins. I will do my best to learn different cooking recipes and share about it using this blog.

I love learning, but don't like the pressure of peoples expectations.  So go for the gold in cooking!

"Learning is fun when you include passion with it."

Happy reading everyone!