Monday, June 23, 2014

Procrastination Alert!!!

Well, that's me... I need to finally just do it, no more excuses!!!  Years had been wasted because of self talk about this and that, but in reality, I realized I had the procrastination habit working in full force.  Yes, I admit it... excuses are the best alibi to not accomplish anything.  The question is ??? did it made a difference in my own personal growth as an individual in pursuit of something?, or did it not?

The answer lies on the fact that yes, indeed, it made a difference in my personal growth.  I come to a conclusion that blaming the situation, the people, the places, and anything and everything in between did at least gave me some time to ponder, " I want to accomplish what I want to accomplish, not what others want me to accomplish."  Although I like learning from others, I realized that in a situation where everyone are still learning, people tend to be conscious of self (how will my performance outshine others). 

I am not a competitive person, but people that surrounds me are, and that's what made it difficult to adjust.  I know for myself that continued personal growth is still in progress.  I have to rely on the fact that at the end I'm the one responsible for my actions.  So at this time, I will finally put a stop on this habit of procrastination.  Yes, the habit of procrastination will be suspended, and I will work hard on accomplishing my personal goal.

Sending positive thoughts and love to the universe!!!