Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Closed Door with a Broken Key

You opened the door long have been shut, forgotten and tucked away.
Found the broken key I purposely threw and walked away.
With the touch of your hand you returned it to me with a tear.
A moment of sadness I never thought I once again would be able to feel.

I know you will never understand exactly what had just transpire.
That moment you blindly opened the door, I had forgotten for in a while.
Handing me the broken key and fixing it with your uncanny smile.
Leaving me helpless, rekindling the familiar feeling hidden for a long time.

It pains me to realize I could not once again comply, with that familiar feeling
behind the door you unknowingly opened, and just left behind.
Once more I have to throw away the found key, closed the door you have
blindly opened with unconscious gesture you unwittingly provide.

I look back to stare at the closed door I once had forgotten in a while.
Learn to admire that painful feeling inside a hidden door I left behind.
Now I can move forward with a light heart and a peaceful smile.
Because you inadvertently provide a blissful feeling that made this all worthwhile.

Thank you my friend!