Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Learning Adventure (Copywriting)

So here I am, looking and staring at my computer.

Too many things going on, but it keeps my adrenalin going.

It's been a week since I join a program called American Writer's & Artists Incorporated (AWAI).

I joined because I'm looking for something else to do, to occupy my spare time.

Lo, and behold, I found a new "gig", as we call it.


I always wanted to work at home, and I have been looking for a "legit" part time job that would harness my skill in writing.

Signing up and joining a group called Barefoot Writers Club is a blessing.

It lets me connect with people who also like to write just like me.

We call ourselves copywriter.

I'm still learning what copywriting is all about, and boy! It sometimes can be overwhelming.

But, just like any adventure in life, you just have to immerse yourself into learning the techniques. And, of course, be ready to surprise yourself to your full potential.

So, check out my website below, click the link.