Saturday, September 26, 2015

My Wandering Thoughts

Just like a favorite song your stuck in my thoughts.
Replaying a refrain of only good thoughts,
That keeps on reminding me to just let it be,
And accept everything for what it cost.

At some point I try to reason out and understand
The presence you made when you enter my peaceful life,
Or so I thought I have a perfect and peaceful life,
But your truth brought a sparkle I can never deny.

Yes I admit, I long for you like my personal guiding star
That keep me grounded and be more of who I truly am
Inspiring others to also be who they truly are,
For in this way I feel as though we're still connected as one.

Namaste! Shining a Devine light to my own journey... Sending peace and love to humanity and the universe.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Your Cunning Smile

I smile every time I remember you.
Coz, in my world you are the star.
My leading man in my own personal movie.

It lightens my heart, remembering our scenes.
The part where your actions just harmonizes mine.
Just like a dance that only you and I can dance.

Until now, even if we're distance apart,
I can still remember how you can make me laugh,
That cunning smile, that make me wonder, "why am I attracted to you?"

This kind of attraction makes me wonder why?
I feel connected to you, which I try to deny
But in the end I had to abide, for the longing to subside.

Namaste! Understanding my own journey... Sending peace and love to humanity and the universe.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Fall in and out of love with you

I fall in and out of love with you.
For the reason I don't know,
Sometimes I like you and sometimes I don't.

I fall in and out of love with you.
Just because of the you that I know,
The strong willed you that make me so blue.

I fall in and out of love with you.
Because you made me so madly in love with you,
You know it is true but yet you act like you don't know.

Namaste! Bringing light to my own journey. "Sending love and peace to the universe and humanity."

Personality Check ( A Career Path Choice)

A long journey to finding my own passion
A career choice based on a personality
That until now I'm still trying to analyze and understand.

It was a lot easier when you let someone decide
Being able to just listen and do what others tells you to
But yet, for the last few years I had been woken up.

I struggle to understand this process
Find it hard to stand by my own two feet to decide
Realizing that here I am being awaken with no one to guide.

Although I was thankful for the person who woke me up
I feel as though I was a little bit betrayed
For I was left again with no one who can truly guide.

Questions that leave me helpless and lost
Figuring out for myself the many why's and how's of the process
While keeping the courage to stand on the ground.

Personality check is what I need
To choose a career path that suites the need
Not just for myself but also those that surrounds me.

Namaste! Shining light to my personal journey.  "Sending peace and love to the universe and humanity."

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Positive Choice....( A Completed Puzzle)

Positive choice...
I guess... Will always brings peace in your heart.
The one that make you say "My choice is meant to be after all."

Positive choice...
When done with an open heart, will bring magic of some sort.
Just like a jigsaw puzzle, you'll start to recognize the correct pieces
That makes it a lot easier for you to complete your own puzzle.

Positive choice....
Will just melt your heart into harmony, with everyone around you
Leaving no resistance, for you finally come in terms with the emotion
That made you say yes I did it, I know I made the right positive decision.

Namaste! Shining light to my own journey. Sending peace and love to the universe and humanity!

Monday, August 17, 2015

I'm Always Grateful

I'm always grateful,
For all the wonderful loving individuals I meet along my journey.
And those unexpected situations and events that bring me tons of blessings.

I'm always grateful,
For every stages of my life, from infant to present, that served as my guide
Realizing that, hardships and struggles in life, is nothing but my own personal road map.

I'm always grateful,
For achieving what I perceived is success, that acquiring more is a selfish act
For I know that I had been given way more than what I deserve.

So, to everyone who happen to cross my path and have witnessed my journey.
Your presence have been an integral part of my being, and with this I ask
PLEASE accept my deepest gratitude and allow me to say THANK YOU.

Namaste! Sending peace and love to the universe and humanity... While shining light to my own journey.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Acceptance of Love

A good communication is always the best.
Being able to talk to someone without feeling any of the emotional pain.
Reminisce all the memories and be able to accept the lesson it brings.
The kind of thing where you can laugh and say wow that was not my intent.

At times during the conversation you feel the negative friction
But keep the positive focus and shine the light on such conversation.
Analyzing every interaction with unconditional love and devotion.
To be free from negative manipulation of the ego who scream and shout in distitution.

Yes finally we agreed, that I see your pain and you see my pain.
Untangled by talking and understanding our hidden conditioning scream.
Letting go of emotional bound behind the conditioning of blaming game.
And start a new journey of our love as husband and wife turned into a friend.

I love the new you, more so than the old you.
Because I finally knew the conditioning character that both of us thought was you.
So let me love you for the real you, and continue the healing process both of us have to go through.
For all of this is a must, for us to come in full circle of our love.

I love you honey!

Namaste! Shining light to my journey... Sending peace and love to the universe and humanity.